Travel to Protaras, Cyprus – Top things to do

Leisure at the beach in Protaras

For those who have relaxation in mind, Protaras is always a leading holiday contender. Although relatively close to Ayia Napa, it offers a completely different way of life with laid back beaches and classy restaurants more prominent than late night clubs and all-night partying. From splendid views to relaxing beaches through to fabulously fun water … Read more

Paphos travel: All things to do in Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos overview Located on the paradise island of Cyprus, Paphos is one of Europe’s top holiday destinations, drawing in visitors with its countless historical sights, famous mythical stories and beautifully welcoming beaches. Spend your days swimming around Aphrodite’s Rock, soaking up the sun on one of the sandy beaches or maybe by splashing around with … Read more

Travel guide to Malta A-Z – Things you should do

Travel to Malta

Malta overview Positioned north of Libya, east of Tunisia and south of Sicily, the nation of Malta comprises seven Mediterranean island destinations. Nicknamed ‘the Mediterranean’s open-air museum’, Malta is home to an astonishing selection of ancient constructions, some even older than Egypt’s Pyramids while other structures date back to the time when the nation’s major … Read more

Travel guide to Monaco – The best trip in the summer

La Condamine

Monaco overview When travelers hear the name of Monaco, images of casinos, princesses and extreme wealth spring to mind first. Today, for most visitors, this small European principality is inextricably connected with members of the royal Grimaldi family. In fact, this tiny territory of hillside rock on the French Riviera has been governed by various … Read more

[Full] Travel guide to Moldova


Moldova overview Most famous for its native spirits and wines, Moldova is still suffering from devastation left behind after war but the country remains one of the region’s most picturesque destinations and much of its historical charm has been retained. Moldova is also one of Europe’s poorest nations. The country enjoys a generally enjoyable and … Read more