Travel guide to Guam

Guam Overview

Guam is a miniscule territory belonging to the US and is an important place where its naval bases are based and often where its planes refuel. Aside from this, Guam is a popular tourist resort boasting breath taking waterfalls and rivers for the outdoor lovers but also luxury five-star hotels and duty-free malls for those who are here to spend.

Travel guide to Guam

Guam’s main centre and entry point is Hagatna, a charming town which boasts a rich colonial history stretching back to the days when the Spanish settled here. Hagatna is a good city to walk around on foot and you can visit Latte Park and relax for the afternoon or glance at the revolving statue of Pope John Paul II.

Guam’s main tourist centre is Tumon Bay and this town boasts everything you need; restaurants, luxury hotels and bars, shopping malls and nightclubs. Y’pao Beach Park is a popular attraction and a perfect place to waste a lazy afternoon at while overlooking the bay. Lovers of water sports take the boat to Cocos Island from Merizo and explore the area’s vast barrier reef while engaging in snorkeling.

Guam Accommodation

The accommodation in Guam is priced from more modest budget places near the beach to luxury five-star retreats that offer immaculate facilities. PIC resorts has a presence in Guam and its accommodation is always located near the main attractions and beaches.

Guam Airports

Due to the fact it is an American territory, getting to Guam is easily done by flying from major cities in the United States, with Continental Airlines being just one of the companies offering flights. If you are in Asia, flights can also be caught from Tokyo to Won Pat Guam International Airport as Guam is popular with Japanese tourists.

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