Travel guide to Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Overview

The series of atolls and reefs located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia are commonly known as the Marshall Islands. Ringed with colourful coral and fish, this is an excellent place for snorkelling, scuba diving and getting back to basics as visitors soak up the sun in the tropical paradise.

Travel guide to Marshall Islands

Majuro Atoll is best known for the stunning Laura Beach, which is located on the western tip of Majuro, around 40kms from the town. Dubbed the ‘pearl of the Pacific’ by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1889, this is a great place to explore or simply chill out.

Kwajalein Atoll also makes a good base to explore the Marshall Islands from as there are plenty of services and facilities here such as a hospital, post office, bank and plenty of shops, hotels and restaurants. This picturesque area is the world’s largest coral atoll and is an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Marshall Islands Accommodation

Although most of the accommodation in the Marshall Islands tends to be basic, it is possible to find luxury hotels, especially on the larger of the islands such as Majuro, where there are also some excellent restaurants. It is possible to organise sightseeing tours and budget car rental through the main hotels and rates for accommodation and attractions tend to be reasonable. However, Internet access is extremely expensive here.

Marshall Islands Airports

The Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ) is located in Majuro, and regular flights are provided by Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines and Marshall Airlines. It takes around 14 hours to fly to Majuro from New York, while Tokyo is 11 hours away and Honolulu is a five-hour flight. Planes and ships are available to take passengers between the various Marshall Islands.

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